3 Days Kondoa Rock Paints

per person

Kondoa Irangi is referred to as the land of ‘Kolo rock paints’ a world class historical heritage site, an ancient rock art are remarkable not just for their quantity and quality, but for their astonishing time span, – million years ago.

Price range:  $25 to $920 per person per day (USD, excl. int’l flights).


  • Departure
    Moshi / Arusha Tanzania
  • Departure Time
    Prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 6:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hat, light jacket.
  • Include
    Entry Fees
    5 Star Accommodation
    Personal Guide
    Airport Transfers
  • Not Included
    Departure Taxes

Day 1: Rock Paints Tour, Royal Village Tour

Rock Paints Tour (2-5 hrs or several days) One will get an experience of exploring the Kolo rock paints and discover many other rock paint sites in the area. The rock paints are scattered almost all over the Kondoa district. One can arrange to explore the rock paints for up-to five days consecutively. Our local guides knows all the sites to take you and can arrange for your village stay, camping, meals and accommodation during your trip of lifetime in the land of ancient ROCK Paints Royal Village Tour (2-5 hrs) Get a chance to stay and interact with the local people explore their lifestyles. Take a walk around Kolo village. This tour will take you to traditional Irangi’s homes with traditional houses. Visit Chief Kimolo, a great and long respected leader during German colonial rule. Get to know the history of Irangi traditional leadership and their culture from a story teller of the chief family.

Day 2: Village Biking Tour, Ntomoko water drops tour (Sambwa Hill), Kondoa town tour

Village Biking Tour (2-4 hrs) On your bike, Visit the Sandawe-Semi Bushmen tribe, the clicking language speaking tribe similar to Hadzabe. Participate on various activities including their past is unforgettable experience of Hunting-gathering life. The cycling tour can proceed to Mnenia village where one will explore onion irrigation scheme and get to know about onion farming. Ntomoko water drops tour (Sambwa Hill) Treks this hill and visit the amazingly water drops (more than 10 village’s water supply) A marvelous trek in the Sambwa hill to ntomoko water drops, where myth has it, you might catch sight of SATU– Python protector of natural water source. Kondoa town tour (2-5 hours) A walking tour starts in the morning to a Reserved Natural forest where supernatural well is located. Get to know the history of the area and local believes surrounding the forest. Explore the sacred areas and enjoy your bird watching and herbs found in the forest. Under a great shade one can enjoy a drink or a picnic lunch. Proceed to a traditional meeting point under a Baobab tree where meetings have been held before Germany colonial rule. On your way down explore the beauty of the Kondoa River. The tour will lead you to the local market and local settlements of the people criss-crossing local pubs and small shopping areas

Day 3: Canoeing at Lake Munguri, Traditional honey harvesting, A tour to a traditional healer

Canoeing at Lake Munguri (2-3 hrs) Take a walk to Lake Munguri for your canoeing and interaction with local fishermen experience. Explore the beauty of the lake decorated by water birds and the surrounding landscape. Fish with local fishermen and get to know how the local fish market operates. Traditional honey harvesting (1-4 hours) From African Killer –Bees, one of great adventure, climbing trees at night and testing fresh honey from sting bees A tour to a traditional healer (2 hrs) Walk to the hill side with medicine woman get to know different tree species that cure several diseases visit a traditional healer will mark your day.

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